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20+ Easy Window Box Planter Ideas and Inspiration

When people love gardening, window box planter ideas must be something valuable for them. Indeed, keeping plants around the house is more than just a hobby. It is like a passion to keep beautiful plants alive and make the house looks greener.

However, the problem with houses these days is that they are small and mostly tiny. There is no backyard available to do gardening. That is why homeowners have to think cleverly to find some places to grow plants in small houses.

Window box planter becomes the number one solution. By having this particular space to grow plants, they can grow whatever they want inside or outside the house.

The planter is usually in the shape of long rectangle boxes. They are placed by the window so that the plants can still get good amount of sunlight. Most of the times, people plants flower, veggies, herbs and micro plants on the planters.

Window Box Planter Ideas Inside and Outside Windows

Besides making the house looks greener and fresher, the plants by the windows can also be beneficial when it comes to cooking, especially if the plants growing in there are herbs and veggies.

The idea of having window box planter now seems very tempting, right? If you want to try planting with this medium right now, you can make it with easy-to-find materials that you probably already have.

To make it easier for you to make the box planter, here are some ideas that you can try. They have the same aim of making beautiful box planter that you can place by the windows.

Simple Window Box Planter

Tiny Window Box Planter

Beautiful Window Box Planter

Rustic Window Box Planter

Succulent Window Box Planter

Farmhouse Window Box Planter

Classic Window Box Planter

Country Window Box Planter

Minimalist Window Box Planter

Charming Window Box Planter

Vintage Window Box Planter

Small Window Box Planter

French Country Window Box Planter

Industrial Window Box Planter

Traditional Window Box Planter

Cheap Window Box Planter

Small Trees Window Box Planter

Chic Window Box Planter

Zen Window Box Planter

Hanging Window Box Planter


The box planters will absolutely make your house more beautiful and greener for sure. These ideas above is so easy to try and you can even make one effortlessly.

All of the ideas collection above is free and we share it to you. So you can make your window box planter that you can consider by yourself.

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