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20+ String Light Wedding Decor Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor

String light wedding decor ideas are usually sought by many brides-to-be. Whether it is an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding, string light can be the perfect decoration.

As the name implies, string light is basically a set of light joined together in strings. String light is easy to find and widely available everywhere.

They are usually placed dripping down from the ceiling or placed as wall decoration. String light is like a set of christmas light that you place around the christmas tree.

The difference is that string light for wedding is usually in all-white lights, instead of colorful like the one for christmas.

If you plan a wedding and you want to use string light as well for the decoration, you can start planning to make it or buy it right now.

If you have lots of spare times, you can use it to make the string light on your own. However, if you are pretty busy preparing the whole wedding stuff.

String Light Wedding Decor Ideas for Beautiful Wedding Decor

For those who plan to make their wedding unforgettable with lots of string lights on the venue, you need to start thinking about it from now own. There is no way that you can make the best wedding string light decoration without the right inspirations.

Thankfully, wedding string light is quite common and the inspirations can basically come from anywhere. To help you out, there is a list contains of several best ideas of wedding string light.

Without further ado, here is the list of the best wedding string light ideas for you to choose and try. You will have the best wedding with this kind of beautiful decoration.

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All the ideas above are going to inspire you and make sure that you end up with stunning wedding venue with lots of wedding string light at the end. You can pick some of the best ideas above.

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