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20+ Cozy Private Swimming Pool Ideas and Design Concept

Having a private swimming pool at home is an excellent idea. You can have it for chilling out in the summer or you can use it for workout.

There are several various types of swimming pool which are used by people today: the marble plaster pool, the concrete shells lined with fiberglass pool, the precast fiberglass pool, or the very latest eco-pool which applies plants for a filtration system.

From all of those types, the fiberglass is the most used since it comes with affordable price. A fiberglass pool is a factory-made pool which is ‘planted’ into a hole in the ground.

It is easy to maintain because it won’t allow algae to grow. It is also quicker in starting heat than a gunite and marbelite pool.

Private Swimming Pool Ideas with Various New Design

Paying attention to the private swimming pool design is essential because it improves the value of the house, especially the position and the size. The best position of the private swimming pool is near the house with an easy access and a good flow to the entertainment area.

Of course it also has to be private. Never think to have the pool in an open area to the street or at the bottom of a garden. Before building the pool, check the soil first whether it is pool friendly or not.

The pool friendly soil is the soil which is not ‘moved’ easily. Also check the municipality such as the water or the sewage lines running through the house. The major things to consider before building the pool is the position, the filter situation, and the pump and weir.

All of those things will have impact in maintaining the pool. After managing all of those important things, now you have to think about the design which best for you.

We will help you about the design ideas. There you are the private swimming pool ideas for your dream home.

private swimming pool spa

beach private swimming pool deck

small private swimming pool

resort private swimming pool

infinity private swimming pool

terrace private swimming pool

beautiful private swimming pool

unique private swimming pool

classic private swimming pool

private swimming pool landscape

outdoor private swimming pool

tropical private swimming pool

decorative private swimming pool

tiny private swimming pool

modern private swimming pool

private swimming pool and spa

elegant private swimming pool

luxury private swimming pool

backyard private swimming pool ideas on a budget

private swimming pool deck


To decide the design, think about the shape you want which is matched to the house. Then, think about the size and the lighting around the pool.

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