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20+ Creative Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Your DIY Project

Mason jar craft ideas are frequently sought by people of all ages. Mason jar is very versatile when it comes to craft. Basically, those jars can be turned into anything, starting from flower vases to lamps.

The jars are also very easy to find. It can be bought most stores or art and craft shops. Back then, mason jars are only used to keep kitchen stuff, especially kitchen ingredients, since the jars are completed with tight lid.

However, after the stuff inside the jar is running out, then the jar cleaned and turned into crafts. Many people love recycling the jars because it is quite easy and fun to do.

Besides of that, after the recycling process is done, they will end up with new stuff made out of mason jars, which are very useful for the household, especially for the purpose of decorating.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas and DIY Mason Jar Inspiration

If you are now finding lots and lots empty mason jars around your house but you have no idea what to do with them, consider to turn them into craft. There are tons of ideas about what to turn those jars into.

For those who have never done Mason jar recycling before, down below you can find a lot of ideas about mason jar crafts. They are all very easy and simple to do. They are suitable for kids as well. Check the best ideas of mason jar crafts on the list down below.

mason jar crafts rainbow cake birthday souvenir

mason jar crafts for christmas

mason jar crafts for fall

mason jar pendant lamp

salad storage mason jar crafts

cotton bud mason jar crafts

mason jar crafts with lights

mason jar crafts oil lamp

mason jar crafts with candle

cute mason jar crafts painting for kids

mason jar crafts hanging flower

mason jar crafts for stationary

tea storage mason jar crafts ideas

mason jar crafts wedding souvenir

mason jar crafts wedding

liquid soap mason jar crafts to sell

tiny aquarium decorating glass jars and bottles

unique mason jars succulent

creative ideas for glass jars

glass jar decorating ideas


You can take one or two of the ideas above, prepare all the materials and tools that you need. Do it together with your family as a quality time activity during the weekends or holiday.

Just make sure if the jars are going to be handled by kids, make sure that the adults watching over them. Mason jars are basically a glass jar and they can break and shattered easily when it falls to the floor.

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