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20+ Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas and Smart Organizer Tips

Break your mind about the laundry room stereotype which is dark, cramped and dungeon-like. Take any chance to have some joy for doing this mundane task.

Although the laundry room is a room where you got to do your daily chores and not spend much time, why don’t make it cool? Set the storage, light, and space with the concept you love and you will feel enjoy doing your chore due to the cooler space.

All you need to do is be brave to change the concept of the dull room into a more fully functional room. For example, you can modify the room with a custom butcher block folding table, a rustic sliding barn door, a farmhouse sink, or other country decor elements.

However, it needs a detailed plan to change your basement storage room into your dreamy laundry room. You can start to make a simple layout.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas with Smart Storage and Organizer

The components of a laundry room generally are the countertops, the cabinetry, the sink, the lighting, the laundry hampers or baskets, and some shelves. Although a farmhouse laundry room sounds old, you may have the modern touches too.

First, make good lighting. It is not only from the lamp but also from the ventilation. Take the bright color for walls and items of furniture such as blues, natural browns, or creams.

Second, do not take too much texture because the modern side takes a simple and minimum texture. Besides, if the surface comes with a lot of texture, it will be hard to clean.

Third, a clean room is nice for clean clothes. It will look good for us if we see our newly washed clothes coming from a clean laundry room.

This article will help you to find the best farmhouse laundry room ideas which will inspire you to have a unique and joyful laundry room.

traditional farmhouse laundry room setup


basement farmhouse laundry room


small farmhouse laundry room design layout


hidden farmhouse laundry room design


apartment farmhouse laundry room design ideas


beautiful farmhouse laundry room design


minimalist small farmhouse laundry room


farmhouse small laundry room ideas


bohemian farmhouse laundry room desgn


farmhouse laundry room cabinet ideas


farmhouse laundry room sink


farmhouse laundry room wall decor


country style laundry room ideas


vintage farmhouse laundry room decor ideas


simple farmhouse laundry room decor


minimalist farmhouse laundry room decorating ideas


small farmhouse laundry room setup


tiny farmhouse laundry room layout


modern farmhouse laundry room ideas


farmhouse laundry room decorating ideas


scandinavian farmhouse laundry room design ideas

farmhouse laundry room ideas


I will give you a smart tips. Make sure you simplify the laundry room storage. You can build an open shelving with closed laundry storage to keep the items out of site. Remove all your stuff from the room including the HVAC system, cabinets or shelves. You may replace them with the built-in shelves or appliances for the storage.

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