20+ DIY Headboard Ideas that are Cheap and Easy to Build

An interesting fact about DIY headboard is that it is the centre of a bedroom which will attract the first impression. Besides its basic function as sleepers isolation from drafts and cold, it also becomes a decorative piece.

It is also designed escalated now which make them more and more aesthetic and ornate. Therefore, there is a wide space for creativity to design headboards by yourself.

Many headboards are designed decoratively depending on the amount of functionality. Some of them feature hidden storage or a built-in bookshelf with the fun shaped decoration.

DIY Headboards Ideas for Your Productive Weekend Projects

The materials used for headboards are also various. They are ranged from salvaged materials, metal or wooden. From those materials, you can make various styles and patterns.

Salvaged materials, for example, you can use an old door with a vintage look. You need to use your imagination to arrange them to be a perfect headboard. While for the metal, you may use the metal roofing, striped irons, or other patterns.

The wooden materials are also popular for headboards. You can use the natural wood from the tree, the used wooden fence, the barn window, the old wooden door, the partition, the pallets, and many more.

If you want to be more artistic, you may use the huge picture of store signs or other picture. Even you can arrange plates on the wall above the bed. You can also play with your favorite colours for the headboards.

Fabric is also used for variation for most people. The motives and patterns are really interesting. Choose them by your personalities or based on the theme of the bedroom.

To make all those headboards, you need to pay attention to the process of making. These DIY headboards ideas may help you to choose the best for you. Stay in your concept and be confident to unveil your creativity.

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